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The Hollywood Hopefuls Series

Audiobook Cover for Running Lines by Jeris Jean
Running Lines narrated by Iggy Toma

Finn may look like a Romeo & Juliet-era Leo, but he’s out to prove he’s got what it takes to break the teen heartthrob mold.

Starring on a teen soap may have made Finn Everett Hollywood’s latest “it” boy, complete with the 10 million Instagram followers to show for it, but does he have the chops to cut it as the newest cast member on television’s biggest drama Frost Manor?

Drawing Lines by Jeris Jean Audiobook Cover
Drawing Lines narrated by Iggy Toma

Landing a job at one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood puts Ethan Rhys on track to accomplish all of his goals. He represents two of TV’s biggest stars, and he’s earning enough money to help his family. So, why does he feel like something’s missing?

Enter Felix Lincoln, with his dimpled grin, ripped body, and inescapable charm. Wanting him has been Ethan’s secret for years, and it’s going to stay that way. He doesn’t have time in his life for selfish dreams or pointless fantasies. They’re just not practical.

Crossing Lines Audible Audiobook
Crossing Lines narrated by Iggy Toma

When Matt is propositioned by Jasper, a hot older guy, he’s more than down. That is until he realizes Jasper has a boyfriend, and Matt would be joining them both. He’s not into it, especially since the boyfriend is a jerk, so he ditches them both.

Jasper is not used to rejection. He didn’t become one of the most successful and highest-paid executives in all of Hollywood by accepting defeat. So when Matt, the sexy young barista, turns him down flat not once but twice, he doesn’t quite know what to do.