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Drawing Lines

 Hollywood Hopefuls Book 2

Landing a job at one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood puts Ethan Rhys on track to accomplish all of his goals. He represents two of TV’s biggest stars, and he’s earning enough money to help his family. So, why does he feel like something’s missing? What more could he want?

Enter Felix Lincoln, with his dimpled grin, ripped body, and inescapable charm. Wanting him has been Ethan’s secret for years, and it’s going to stay that way. He doesn’t have time in his life for selfish dreams or pointless fantasies. They’re just not practical.

Ethan’s responsible and focused. So why is something as impractical as a hopeless crush on the charismatic personal trainer consuming his thoughts?


Is Ethan Rhys out of Felix Lincoln’s league? Absolutely, if you ask Felix. Does that stop him from flirting shamelessly with him and hitting on him any chance he gets? Not in the slightest. Felix knows Ethan’s never taken him the slightest bit seriously – why would he? Ethan’s intelligent, successful, and really freaking adorable. Definitely not the type to go for a basic jock, Felix tells himself.

Despite Felix’s better judgment, he keeps looking for ways to bring the two of them together, no matter how hopeless his chances are with the clever talent agent.

Felix has never had much ambition to go after things far beyond his reach. But for Ethan? He might be willing to get on his tiptoes and stretch.

Drawing Lines Book Cover
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