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Opening Lines

 Hollywood Hopefuls Book 4

People call Clark Deerwood stern; he prefers serious. They say he’s ridgid; he says focused. What others might call boring, he considers easily content. One thing no one has ever said about Clark is that he’s passionate. So why does he find himself losing his cool every time he’s near Bowen Price, his older brother’s arrogant business partner?

People call Bowen slimy; he prefers cunning. They say he’s cocky; he says confident. What others might call flirtatious, he considers friendly. One thing no one has ever said about Bowen is that he’s a romantic. So why does he find himself pining for Clark Deerwood, his business partner’s grumpy younger brother?

Opening Lines is a stand alone mm romance novel, but it is also Book 4 in the Hollywood Hopefuls Series. The books don’t need to be read in order, but they are more fun when read together.

Opening Lines Book COver by Jeris Jean
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