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Crossing Lines (Hollywood Hopefuls 3)

Crossing Lines (Hollywood Hopefuls 3)

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A Steamy, Age-gap MM Hollywood Romance

Confident television executive Jasper is used to getting his way. But when he sets his sights on Matt, the gorgeous barista from the coffee cart on his film lot, he is shocked when he’s slapped in the face with a big, fat rejection. But then again, Jasper was never one to back down from a challenge, and Matt seems well worth the effort. 

Matt has no time for guys like Jasper; money, sleeping around, and status don’t impress him. But when Jasper shows that there is more to him than meets the eye, Matt finds himself drawn to the charismatic older man. Their chemistry is undeniable, but is it enough to overcome their differences? Can there ever be something real between them? 

What to expect: intense chemistry, fun piercings, witty banter, Harry Styles references, romantic gestures, and plenty of heat. HEA guaranteed. 


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