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The Coleridge Cliffs Series

Romantic Hero is book one of the Coleridge Cliffs series. It’s a broody academic vibe MM romance series that is equal parts heat and heart.

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Romantic Hero

 Coleridge Cliffs Book One

Making out with the campus librarian wasn’t the most professional way for me to kick off my first semester as a professor at the College of Coleridge Cliffs.  It was probably just that it was Halloween, and it was late, and I was lonely. 

I don’t get rejected. There’s objectively nothing undesirable about me. Well, maybe besides a lack of humility. But still.
That didn’t stop Sexy Professor from bolting and avoiding me like the plague, though. 

Cover of Romantic Hero by Jeris Jean
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Historic Event

Coleridge Cliffs Book 2

My entire business hangs in the balance when I literally break my leg the week before the biggest event in my B&B’s history. It’s just my luck that there are no elevators in historical mansions. And when the only person who’s willing and able to help me is an adorkable local professor, I do the only thing I can do – I enlist him as my fake boyfriend to help me get the event off without a hitch.
But once we start acting like we’re in love, the chemistry between us feels anything but fake…

Historic Event By Jeris Jean book Cover
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