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The Coleridge Cliffs Series

The Coleridge Cliffs series is a broody, academic-vibe, MM romance series that is equal parts heat and heart.

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Classic Dilemma

 Coleridge Cliffs Book Three


Making a move on Ash would be the worst thing I could do. And I can’t risk it. The list of reasons we can’t be together is a mile long, the least of which is that he’s my best friend’s brother. There’s also the fact that he’d probably never be into me that way. Oh, and even if he was, there’s the small detail that I’ve been hiding a part of myself from him – a pretty significant part.

But then I look at Ash, and I know that he’s the one. The only one for me.


I’ve lived with my hopeless crush on Ian for years, knowing full well he’d never see me that way. After all, as far as everyone in town’s concerned, I’m not to be taken seriously anywhere besides the basketball court. And Ian’s so…perfect. I have about as much chance with him as going pro after college.

But sometimes, when I’m alone with Ian, I feel…something between us. Like maybe I’m not entirely crazy to want more.

Book Cover of Classic Dilemma by Jeris Jean
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Historic Event

Coleridge Cliffs Book 2

My entire business hangs in the balance when I literally break my leg the week before the biggest event in my B&B’s history. It’s just my luck that there are no elevators in historical mansions. And when the only person who’s willing and able to help me is an adorkable local professor, I do the only thing I can do – I enlist him as my fake boyfriend to help me get the event off without a hitch.
But once we start acting like we’re in love, the chemistry between us feels anything but fake…

Historic Event By Jeris Jean book Cover
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