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Drawing Lines (Hollywood Hopefuls 2)

Drawing Lines (Hollywood Hopefuls 2)

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This listing is for a signed paperback version of Drawing Lines (Hollywood Hopefuls Book 2) 

A Nerd/Jock, Friends to Lovers, MM Hollywood Romance

Despite spending his days whipping Hollywood’s hottest celebrities into shape as a personal trainer, Felix only has eyes for adorkable film geek, Ethan. He finds ways to spend time with him within their mutual friend group, but Felix fears Ethan’s ambition to climb the show business ladder puts him well out of Felix’s league.

But then one innocent touch from Ethan ignites hope in Felix. Could Ethan possibly return his feelings? And if so, could Felix prove himself a worthy partner for someone as intelligent and ambitious as Ethan? After all, what does a jock like Felix really have to offer someone like him?

What to expect: epic romance, celebrity besties, opposites doing all the attracting, and a swoony happily-ever-after. Drawing Lines is part of the Hollywood Hopefuls series, but it can be read as a standalone.

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