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Running Lines (Hollywood Hopefuls 1)

Running Lines (Hollywood Hopefuls 1)

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Will on-screen chemistry lead to off-screen action?

Grayson’s the biggest television star in the world. He’s well on his way to securing his spot at the top of the A-list as leading man material, and absolutely nothing will stand in his way. But then the producers cast Finn Everett, a pretty boy from a teen soap, as his new co-star. How’s Grayson supposed to be taken seriously with this guy as his scene partner?

What Grayson didn’t count on, though, was exactly how talented Finn really was. How driven, how smart, and how unbelievably gorgeous. Their on-screen chemistry is off the charts, and Grayson can’t help wondering if that same fire would blaze even hotter behind the scenes. 

Running Lines is the first book in the Hollywood Hopefuls series. It's got two superstar actors, on-set flirtation, behind the scenes action, awards show drama, and plenty of swoony sweetness. HEA guaranteed.

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